Masu box 枡箱
Masu box image Masu box
Size:Width 85mm
Vertical width 85mm
Height 60mm
Remarks:Standard Size Masu Only

price 価格
Masu box detail
Masu box KAN-641

USD : 0.7~

This is one Go Masu dedicated Masu box, we recommend for anyone who want to present for the important person masu when it put on the original branding iron.Although it is good to use the masu bag, you get the still classy You can use a dedicated Masu box. Please use such as even when you hand out to customers who were invited as a wedding gift.

recommend お勧め商品
  • Medium sake barrelMedium sake barrel

    it is a stainless steel container for liquor after handling to simple style,It's would be a good starting with Kagami ceremonies memorable experience and impressive with friends or colleagues. It's can use to put in a wide range of applications like Juice or wine, candy, etc

  • Standard sake barrelStandard sake barrel

    It is a sake barrel with the largest size, and this size is commonly used in ceremonies kagami. There are lot of sizes in the ceremony kagami but this is one of the most appropriate size if you want a impress premiere or wedding.

  • Custom masuCustom masu

    Masu cups could be branded with a unique logo that either you have designed yourself or what we have designed for you. The sizes that are awailable for custom branding are the following: 5shaku(small), 8shaku(medium), 1go(standard), 5go(large) and 1sho(extra large).

  • Medium urushi masuMedium urushi masu

    It's a masu cup for celebration in party, Elegant luster and gloss is attractive. It is not the same masu made from Hinoki (cypress), Vivid shades of vermilion and black fit perfect for parties.

  • small masuMini masu

    Mini masu
    As its name says, it's a mini sized masu cup.
    The inner volume of the mini masu is about Mini masu, which is about 0.0036L = 36ml, exactly 2 / 10th the volume of the one go wooden masu box. Its size is also equivalent to that of a regular ochoko cup, which is also traditionally used in Japan for drinking sakeD Therefore it's perfect for substituting ochoko cups to give you an exclusive sensation.

  • big masuExtra-large masu

    Extra-large masu
    One sho is a volume unit in Japan, equal to 10 go, which means that it's 1.804L = 1800ml. It's roughly the same volume as a 2L PET bottle. In Japan sake is still sold in 1.8L bottles called one sho bottle (isshoubin) in Japanese.

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