Greetings ご挨拶

Greetings! Thank you for visiting the website of the masu selling company. Masu cups have been crafted using the same traditional methods for hundreds of years and as such, they are never empty. They are overflowing with the soul of Japan. They are filled with the Japanese soul.

Did you know that when shaving the sides of the masu cups, expert Japanese craftsman know precisely when each side is ready by the slight change of sound made? There’s no need to check the finished surfaces visually. The material of the masu cups is specially selected genuine Japanese Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) also known as hinoki, widely used in the construction of buildings. The hinoki wood used for these sake cups is harvested from the Kiso District in Nagano Prefecture in Japan.

Before it is used for manufacturing masu cups, the lumber is dried either slowly indoors or outdoors in natural circumstances. When opening your masu package, please enjoy the rich fragrance the wood provides. Whether you are staying in Japan or you are from a country far away, we hope that our masu cups will make your moments of enjoying fine Japanese sake even more special.

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masu 商品一覧
  • Standard masuStandard masu

    Standard masu
    This is the most common, standard sized masu cup. From old times, masu cups of this size are used for drinking sake on celebrations in Japan.
    Since the masu cups were used for measurement as well, its name comes from the traditional
    Japanese unit of go, which is equal to the volume of approximately 0.1804L = 180.4ml.
    For comparison please note that a usual glass cup in Japan has a volume of about 200ml.

  • small masuMini masu

    Mini masu
    As its name says, it's a mini sized masu cup.
    The inner volume of the mini masu is about Mini masu, which is about 0.0036L = 36ml, exactly 2 / 10th the volume of the one go wooden masu box. Its size is also equivalent to that of a regular ochoko cup, which is also traditionally used in Japan for drinking sake Therefore it's perfect for substituting ochoko cups to give you an exclusive sensation.

  • Small masuSmall masu

    Small masu
    Its inner volume is exactly the half of the one go masu,
    which means that its inner volume is 0.09L = 90ml, rougly a mouthful of sake. Perfect for wedding ceremonies and parties of any kind.

  • Medium masuMedium masu

    Medium masu
    At first sight, the Medium masu cup looks just like a standard size, one go masu.
    It's inner volume is about 0.143L = 143ml, equal to a half full standard glass cup.

  • Large MasuLarge masu

    Large masu
    The volume of a Large masu is roughly the same as a rice cooker. Its uses vary: measuring container, box for storing CDs and books or as a stylish wooden interior piece. A Large masu could also be very handy on any ceremony or celebration.
    You could fill it with sake to the rim, pass it around and let everyone drink from it.

  • big masuExtra-large masu

    Extra-large masu
    One sho is a volume unit in Japan, equal to 10 go, which means that it's 1.804L = 1800ml. It's roughly the same volume as a 2L PET bottle. In Japan sake is still sold in 1.8L bottles called one sho bottle (isshoubin) in Japanese.

  • plan masuPlain masu

    Plain masu
    A wooden masu box without any logo imprinted, branded on it. To purchase the plain masu cups is the fastest and cheapest way for getting your very own masu cups. Plain masu cups are available in various sizes: Mini masu, Small masu, Medium masu, Standard masu, Large Masu, Extra-large

  • picture masuPicture masu

    Masu cups branded with one of our fixed designs.
    You can get any of our fixed illustrations, designs branded your masu cups.
    Designs branded on your masu can be done on all four sides on the masu cups.
    Picture branded masu cups are available in various sizes: Small masu, Medium masu, Standard masu

  • Popular Character MasuPopular Character Masu

    Kanji masu
    With this special masu you can select any of the most popular kanji characters from our fized designs and get them branded on your masu cups.
    Choose from many popular characters like: Kotobuki = Congratulations, Iwai = Celebration, Fuku = Good Fortune, Kizuna = Bonds (between people) and from many popular phrases like Anzen Kigan = Prayer for Safety, Kaiten Iwai = Shop Opening Celebration, Shoubai Hanjou = Prosperous Business. These masu cups are very popular as personal or company gifts.

  • Masu bagMasu bag

    This is the vinyl bags to contain the masu.After drinking alcohol, being used at an event, customers are able to bring their masu home with them without soiling their luggage. That way the customer is able to keep something to remind them of the pleasant memories from the event..

  • Hishaku masuHishaku

    Hishaku is a long Japanese ladle made of various materials: wood, bamboo and even partly metal. It's used on all kinds of ceremonies in Japan for scooping water or sake. Our hishaku is made by attaching a wooden handle to a standard masu cup. You can buy it plain or branded with the same fixed designs that are available for the standard, Standard masu sized masu cups and it can even be custom branded with your very own logo.

  • Custom masuCustom masu

    Masu cups could be branded with a unique logo that either you have designed yourself or what we have designed for you. The sizes that are awailable for custom branding are the following: 5shaku(small), 8shaku(medium), 1go(standard), 5go(large) and 1sho(extra large).

  • Medium urushi masuMedium urushi masu

    It's a masu cup for celebration in party, Elegant luster and gloss is attractive. It is not the same masu made from Hinoki (cypress), Vivid shades of vermilion and black fit perfect for parties.

  • Standard urushi masuStandard urushi masu

    Importain customer of the event, We decorate the ceremony! We will introduce one Go black lacquer Masu The black and vermilion of contrast that has been used since ancient times make a sense of quality, Elegance, lacquerware is the characteristic of this product.

  • Mini cleaer masuMini cleaer masu

    Masu completely different refreshing appearance mini transparent with mass of cypress (cypress)!Masu of refreshing clarity is,Compatibility with cold drinks is also excellent!The size is in the image, with a ''blown out'' appearance. The masu comes in large and small masu size. It can also be used as a shot glass during celebrations.Is after you're done, Lets enjoy it!

  • Small sake barrelSmall sake barrel

    Small sake Barrel for japanese traditional Kagami ceremony.The ceremony often takes place in the ceremony or wedding.Among this, it contains the 18-liter of liquor.Enjoy the flavor of the drink and the masu.

  • Medium sake barrelMedium sake barrel

    it is a stainless steel container for liquor after handling to simple style,It's would be a good starting with Kagami ceremonies memorable experience and impressive with friends or colleagues. It's can use to put in a wide range of applications like Juice or wine, candy, etc

  • Standard sake barrelStandard sake barrel

    It is a sake barrel with the largest size, and this size is commonly used in ceremonies kagami. There are lot of sizes in the ceremony kagami but this is one of the most appropriate size if you want a impress premiere or wedding.

  • Small wooden malletSmall wooden mallet

    The small mallet is necessary for Kagamibiraki ceremony. Few people break the sake barrel with a small mallet to celebration in Kagamibiraki ceremony. Then share the Sake in that barrel for everyone by the ladle, Because the shape of barrel's lid is round so that why the kagami is a symbol of the harmony and fortune.

  • Bamboo ladleBamboo ladle

    Ladle become very necessary for Kagamibiraki ceremony. During the Kagami ceremony, Ladle is also needed, If you put on top of the Komo mallet, the atmosphere would be rise up. Because it is made from bamboo it is water resistant and a has a good commodity of use.

  • Masu boxMasu box

    This is one Go Masu dedicated Masu box, we recommend for anyone who want to present for the important person masu when it put on the original branding iron.Although it is good to use the masu bag, you get the still classy You can use a dedicated Masu box.

We are shipping masu cups to customers both in Japan and worldwide!

The Masu selling company is shipping masu cups to customers both in Japan and worldwide. Recently we are getting more and more orders from not just individuals, but organizations, Japanese restaurants, international companies making a business opening ceremony Japanese style by opening a barrel of sake and drinking its contents from masu cups. An excellent way of drinking Japanese sake is to do it from a freshly made masu cup. That may be the reason why Japanese people cherish a rather intimate connection with these small wooden boxes from the old times. We would like to share the best parts of traditional Japanese culture with as much people around the globe as possible.

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