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Masu cups have been crafted using the same traditional methods for hundreds of years. Handmade by expert Japanese craftsmen, these cups are filled with the Japanese soul.

Masu cups are crafted from specially selected genuine Japanese Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) also known as hinoki, widely used in the construction of buildings. The hinoki wood used for these sake cups is sourced from the Kiso District in Nagano Prefecture in Japan.

The lumber is dried either slowly indoors or outdoors under natural conditions. When opening your masu package, please enjoy the rich aroma that emanates from the wood. Whether you are staying in Japan or you are from a country far away, we hope that our masu cups will make your moments of enjoying fine Japanese sake even more special.

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masu 商品一覧
  • Standard masu cupStandard Masu

    This is the most common, standard sized masu cup. From old times, masu cups of this size are used for drinking sake on celebrations in Japan.

  • small masu cupMini Masu

    Mini masu cups are much smaller than standard masu. .
    These cups can hold about 0.0036L = 36ml, exactly 2/10th the volume of the one go wooden masu box.

  • Small masu cupSmall Masu

    The small masu hold half as much as the standard masu - it has an inner volume of 90ml, approximately a mouthful of sake. Perfect for wedding ceremonies and parties of any kind.

  • Medium masu cupMedium Masu

    The medium masu is similar in size to the standard masu. With an inner volume of approximately 143ml, it is only slightly smaller in size than the standard masu.

  • Large Masu cupLarge Masu

    The volume of a large masu is roughly the same as a standard rice cooker. Its uses vary; most utilise it as a measuring container, a box for storing CDs and books, or as a stylish wooden interior piece.

  • extra-large masu cupExtra-large Masu

    The extra-large masu holds one sho - a Japanese volume unit. In Japan sake is still sold in 1.8L bottles called one sho bottle (isshoubin) in Japanese.

  • plain masu cupPlain Masu

    A wooden masu box without any logo imprinted or branded on it. Plain masu cups are available in a range of sizes: Mini, Small, Standard, Large and Extra-Large.

  • picture masu cupPicture Masu

    Masu cups branded with one of our standard designs.
    Designs can be branded on all sides of the masu cups.
    Picture branded masu cups are available in various sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

  • Popular Character Masu cupPopular Character Masu

    Choose from a wide range of popular characters: Kotobuki (Congratulations), Iwai (Celebration), Fuku (Good Fortune), or popular phrases like Anzen Kigan (Prayer for Safety), Kaiten Iwai (Shop Opening Celebration), Shoubai Hanjou (Prosperous Business).

  • Masu bagMasu Bag

    Vinyl bags made to contain the masu. After drinking the sake inside or after usage at an event, guests are able to bring their masu home with them without soiling their luggage.

  • Hishaku masuHishaku

    Hishaku is a long Japanese ladle made of various materials: wood, bamboo and even partly metal. It's used in all kinds of ceremonies in Japan for scooping water or sake. Our hishaku is made by attaching a wooden handle to a standard masu cup. You can buy it plain or branded with the same fixed designs that are available for the Standard masu sized masu cups. It can also be custom branded with your very own logo.

  • Custom masu cupCustom Masu

    Masu cups could be branded with a custom logo of your choice. Submit your design, or leave the designing work to us.

  • Medium urushi masu cupMedium Urushi Masu

    Urushi, or lacquer masu cups, used during occasions of celebration and more. With its elegant black luster, it has a unique attractiveness different from the standard hinoki masu.

  • Standard urushi masu cupStandard Urushi Masu

    The Standard Urushi Masu, or the lacquer version of the standard hinoki wood masu. The contrast between the black and vermillion colours have been a symbol of elegance and quality since ancient times in Japan.

  • Mini clear masu cupMini Clear Masu

    A masu with a refreshing, unique appearance. Highly compatible with cold drinks or during the summer. Available in small and large sizes, and can also be used as a shot glass.

  • Small sake barrelSmall Sake Barrel

    Small sake barrel for the traditional Japanese Kagami-biraki ceremony.The ceremony often takes place at weddings or joyous occasions.

  • Medium sake barrelMedium Sake Barrel

    The medium size taru, or sake barrel holds up to 12litres of Japanese sake. While traditionally used at Japanese Kagami-Biraki ceremonies, its uses are varied.

  • Standard sake barrelStandard Sake Barrel

    The standard sake barrel is the size most commonly utilised at various ceremonies and events. It has a capacity of 18L, making it a good choice for medium or large-scale events.

  • Small wooden malletSmall Wooden Mallet

    The small mallet is necessary for the Kagami-Biraki, or sake breaking ceremony. The top of the barrel is broken with the wooden mallet, and the Japanese sake inside is then shared between the guests at the event.

  • Bamboo ladleBamboo Ladle

    The bamboo ladle is ubiquitous at every sake-breaking ceremony. Use it together with the mallet for the full Japanese experience. Made from bamboo, the ladle is highly water-resistant and used commonly at various events.

  • Masu boxMasu Box

    A box used specially to contain the standard-sized masu. Recommended for those looking to give out masu cups as souvenirs at events.

We are shipping masu cups to customers both in Japan and worldwide!

The Masu selling company is shipping masu cups to customers both in Japan and worldwide. From individuals to businesses, masu cups are an extremely popular choice as souvenirs and gifts to family, friends, or guests at events. Drink Japanese sake from these masu cups for the full Japanese traditional experience. We would like to share the best parts of traditional Japanese culture with as much people around the globe as possible - reach out to us for any inquiries or questions about our masu cups!

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