Masu bag 枡袋
Masu bag KAN-642 Masu bag image


USD : 0.5~
Size:Width 180mm
Height 200mm
Corresponding size: Small masu
Medium masu
Standard masu

This is the vinyl bags to contain the masu.After drinking alcohol, using mass in the event, customers can go home with a trout.That without soiling customer's luggage, customers can take out masu as a souvenir.The pleasant memories of the event at any time you can put in place on the side of the customer.

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  • Medium masuMedium masu

    Medium masu
    At first sight, the Medium masu cup looks just like a standard size, one go masu.
    It's inner volume is about 0.143L = 143ml, equal to a half full standard glass cup.

  • Standard masuStandard masu

    Standard masu
    This is the most common, standard sized masu cup. From old times, masu cups of this size are used for drinking sake on celebrations in Japan.
    Since the masu cups were used for measurement as well, its name comes from the traditional
    Japanese unit of go, which is equal to the volume of approximately 0.1804L = 180.4ml.
    For comparison please note that a usual glass cup in Japan has a volume of about 200ml.

  • Large MasuLarge masu

    Large Masu
    The volume of a Large Masu is roughly the same as a rice cooker. Its uses vary: measuring container, box for storing CDs and books or as a stylish wooden interior piece. A Large Masu could also be very handy on any ceremony or celebration.
    You could fill it with sake to the rim, pass it around and let everyone drink from it.

  • big masuExtra-large masu

    Extra-large masu
    One sho is a volume unit in Japan, equal to 10 go, which means that it's 1.804L = 1800ml. It's roughly the same volume as a 2L PET bottle. In Japan sake is still sold in 1.8L bottles called one sho bottle (isshoubin) in Japanese.

  • Popular Character MasuPopular Character Masu

    Custom kanji masu
    Get one of the most popular kanji characters and in Japan branded on your masu cup.
    Choose from many popular characters like: Kotobuki = Congratulations, Iwai = Celebration, Fuku = Good Fortune, Kizuna = Bonds (between people) and from many popular phrases like Anzen Kigan = Prayer for Safety, Kaiten Iwai = Shop Opening Celebration, Shoubai Hanjou = Prosperous Business. These masu cups are very popular as personal or company gifts.

  • picture masuPicture masu

    Custom branded masu
    You can get you very own logo or design branded the masu cups.
    Designs branded on your masu can be done on all four sides on the masu cups.
    Masu cups for custom branding are also available in various sizes:
    Mini masu, Small masu, Medium masu, Standard masu, Large Masu, Extra-large masu

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