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Donations for victims of Tohoku Earthquake Employing mothers to support families nearby Workplace training for handicapped students Support for planting trees Donation for UNHCR, support for refugees
No drugs! Help people return to society Nara Club official sponsor Creating a nice workplace, our ways are approved by the prefecture of Nara Animal shelter support. Creating a caring society. Supporting children learning the joy of work. Local bento business.

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  We are praying for the revival of the Tohoku area from the bottom of our hearts.

An event is a gathering of people. We are dealing with events, so we would like to help people who are in need, in a way that we can do the best.

People, who are holding these events, are our customers. On a yearly basis, we are setting up more than 4000 events; therefore we are trying to set up collection boxes on as many of them as we can.

We have also sent relief supplies to the area struck by the disaster, but the power of Event21 in itself is very small.
However, we believe that if the power of our dear customers, their associates (corporations, associations) and the people visiting the event, which is held by our dear customers and their associates, is joined together, and then it will surely become a huge power.

Accordingly, if our dear customers decide to set up a collection box on their event, then we will lend them our Collection Box for this purpose for free.
(This item has a rental fee of JPY 2,625 for 2 nights, 3 days.)
Please always let our staff know whether you need this item in advance, by filling the remarks column of the quotation form or by other means.
Considering the funds that were collected, please send them to the area struck by the disaster by your own hands. You could contribute to the fundraising through the Japanese Red Cross Society and other organizations as well.

Please note that there are some points which you will need to be careful of when collecting funds.
You have to send an application to the local police station, if you are planning to do a street-side fundraising. If you have any questions regarding fundraising, then please get in touch with the experts.
You may contact the consultation office of the Tohoku Earthquake Branch of the Japanese Red Cross Society Tel: 03-3437-7081 E-mail:

We, Event21 are supporting the reconstructions of the area struck by the Tohoku Earthquake through our work of assisting the events of our dear customers.

■We have been assisting a charity event!



Becoming a company that can support working mothers. Children and family must have first priority.

Our company, Event21 aims the goal of becoming a company, where even people with little children can actively participate.

Among women, who are married and raising children at home all around the world, there are many, who feel lonely at home, who would like to get connected to the society, who would like to use their skills to contribute to the society.
However, as a parent who has small children to raise, they are worrying about applying for a job. They might be thinking "What if I cause inconvenience to the company..." or "What if I cause inconvenience to my family..." Isn't that true?

Please never give up, don't say that it's impossible because you have children.
We would like mothers to take care of their children and family in the first place. And to an extent that they are able to do, they could use their abilities to do a great job.
Couldn't Event21 become a stage for this? - we thought. Now we are making efforts to create a work environment that is suitable for mothers who are raising children.

Suddenly children may get a fever, there may be some event in the kindergarten, in these cases, we would like mothers to prioritize these events without hesitation.
No worries even if you have to suddenly take a day off, because we are building up a powerful system that would assure this.

Mothers are working 2-3 times a week in the time interval of 9am to 3pm for 3 to 4 hours a day. In the case of a sudden day off, fellow colleagues help each other.
You could work at home too. You will be more and more entrusted with work that is worth doing.

This way of work is called "Mother work". Charged with affection, in our company, we call mother workers partners instead of part-timers.
By supporting the work-life balance of women, families, society, corporations will all get energized, smiles would appear on children's faces and the whole of Japan will become more energetic.

Event21 aims to create a workplace, where mothers could work briskly and contribute to society at the same time. This is indeed what will make the world a happier place to live in, since mothers won't be torn apart by work and child raising any longer, so latchkey children will cease to exist as well.

Mother work
Cooperating : Fujikawa Co., Ltd.


Work training for handicapped people, so that they could become self-reliant and experience the joy of contributing to society.

You could contribute to society and become self-reliant even if you are handicapped. We, Event21 will prove that.

Our company is periodically admitting handicapped students to do workplace training at our company.
Starting work among fresh acquaintances, so everything comes as first experience. Fulfilling a role in a positive work environment, one can become a working adult by acquiring a sense of responsibility. The company culture of Event21 is the very essence of this training.

When I have visited a school for handicapped children, their guidance counselor has told me the following:
In reality, there are almost no companies that would employ handicapped people.
I've been overwhelmingly sympathizing with the parents, who are worrying that they cannot die and leave their child behind.
But still, the children in front of my eyes had lovely smiling faces and were demanding my high fives continuously.

I would like to do something about this. Something has to be done. But who on earth will do it?
We, corporations are public institutions of the society, who else would change this situation?

Contribution to the society is the mission of every corporation. Furthermore, we are a corporation that is operating by the basic principle of "you happy, we happy"!
Even in these times of recession, we have the spirit that drives us to achieve positive financial results, so we ought to hold out a helping hand to those in need. I believe that this is what Event21 is really about.
Each thing we do is for the sake of creating happiness. We are convicted to become a strong corporation by carrying out economic activities with all our might, every single day.

Event21 would like to give a chance to handicapped people in need to experience the joy of contributing to society by doing their work training at our company.


Engaging in the protection of the environment, because we would like to protect the future of the Earth.

Aiming to leave behind a beautiful environment, in which children around the world can grow up in.

We do our best every single time, when we receive a job from our dear customers. By doing that, our company gets a little bigger every time, and a new poplar tree will be planted.

I do have a daughter as well. To tell you the truth, she is unbelievably cute. I would like my daughter to inherit a lushly green environment.

This is all the reason, why we would like to transform a tiny part of the money that we have earned from our dear customers into poplar trees.

I suspect that you feel the same way as I do.

We, Event21 have placed an advertisement on the pamphlet of the company mentioned below, and by doing that; we have contributed to the planting of 20 poplar trees in the Horqin Desert in Inner Mongolia.

2000 - the desert before the Greening Project
2000 - the desert
before the "Greening Project"
2001 - 1 year after the Greening Project
2001 - 1 year after
the "Greening Project"
2008 - 8 year after the Greening Project
2008 - 8 year after
the "Greening Project"

Organized by : Seepa / Donations to : NPO Organization for the Greening Network


Supporting refugees who are living a hard life in the middle of poverty and disputes.

Instead of being a person who "Doesn't know about it and does nothing", I would like to be one, who "Knows about it and does what he/she can". Moreover, I would like to lead a company that consists of people with the same mindset.

There are many-many people around the world, who one day had to flee from their homes suddenly, in the clothes that they were wearing at the moment, because they were caught up in a civil war or a political strife, who were persecuted because of differences in religion, race, political stance.

Furthermore, they have to live in a harsh environment without water, sanitary, medical, educational facilities. There are movements supporting the care, camp set-up, blanket and food supply, education, work training of these people, who are leading their everyday lives in harsh conditions without losing hope, until peace could return to their homeland so that they could reestablish their living there.

We, Event21 are regularly donating a part of our profit to the people, who have been expelled from their homeland and are facing a life of hardships so that they could live with some hope toward the future.

We have received a letter of gratitude.

Donations could be sent to : The UN Refugee Agency


Supporting the rehabilitation of drug and alcohol dependent people.

Isn't there something what we could do for our regional community?

Human beings are actually quite weak, so there are situations, when anyone would like to escape into something.

There are people who are totally cornered, but among them, there are those great people who are doing their best to get a second chance.
We couldn't really do any great things, but still we may be able to create a small chance.

Event21 is creating work opportunities for those drug, alcohol dependent people who trying to change their lives with utmost efforts, supporting their social rehabilitation.


Sports create dreams and moments of being touched, make our Nara brisk. We are an official sponsor of Nara Club, aiming to rise to the J. League.
Nara Club Image1 Nara Club Image2 Nara Club Image3 Nara Club Image4 Nara Club Image5 Nara Club Image6 Nara Club Image7 Nara Club Image8 Nara Club Image9 Nara Club Image10 Nara Club Image11 Nara Club Image12 Nara Club Image13

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Children's smile has a power that makes everyone energetic all around. If only there would be a local soccer team that takes part in the J. League! If only there would be a local soccer stadium, where people could go to view a live soccer match with their family, friends, comrades, lovers etc.!

As a company that is based in Nara, as a company that has many employees who has been born and raised in Nara, Event21 would like to be a company that could do something for its homeland. This feeling may be a little similar to what one feels towards his/her parents.
We are an official sponsor of the "Nara Club" soccer team, that is aiming to raise up to the J. League. Our motivation is that we would like to support the revitalization of our Nara though the power of soccer!

For example, there are the following merits of having a J. League member soccer team in Nara:
+When children say that "I would like to become a professional soccer player!" there would be a J. League member soccer team in their vicinity that may actually make their dreams come true.
+It could become an everyday activity for people to go to the local stadium and view a live soccer match with their family, friends, comrades, lovers, with anyone who is important to them. We would like to take part in creating those thrilling moments of soccer.
+When "Nara Club" becomes famous, many people will come to Nara, which will directly nourish the economic development of the area.

Why did we choose Nara Club?
We had the honor of welcoming Mr. Yabe, the GM of Nara Club to our company. He told us the following:
"We would like to make Nara be full of vitality. Please lend us a hand." We have highly sympathized with his wish.
It's because making our region energetic is exactly one of the aims that our company policy of "you happy, we happy" stands for.

Moreover, Nara Club has a team of physically handicapped people playing soccer in wheelchairs, and this team is already number one in Japan. Isn't that amazing?
For example, if people who became physically handicapped by birth, an accident, some kind of a disease, can't find a goal in their lives, then by meeting with Nara Club, they may be able to develop a positive attitude and find a "goal" to fight for once again.

Nara Club has to become more famous in order to become known by many-many people. This is the reason why they are aiming to get into the J. League.

By being an official sponsor of Nara Club, we are aiming to acquire a J. League member soccer team for Nara, since it would make a lot of people happy.

Nara Club

Cooperating : Nara Club


We have been officially recognized by the Nara Prefectural Government as an enterprise that is promoting the creation of pleasant work environment.

The company policy of Event21 is "you happy, we happy". It means that "by making people around us happy, we ourselves become happy as well". As a company that is operating under these principles, we believe that we couldn't possibly make people around the world happy, if we couldn't even make our employees happy. They are the closest to us.

Happiness is similar to warmth; you could transmit it to others. However, one couldn't possibly make others happy, if he/she is not happy himself/herself or couldn't even find happiness in life. Accordingly, Event21 is constantly thinking about ways to make employees happy, because those, who are bearing the responsibility of making our dear customers happy, need to feel happy themselves.

Event21 aims to be a company that could make its employee's dreams come true.
As a result of various things that we have accomplished so far, our company has been certified by the Nara Prefectural Government as an enterprise, which is promoting the creation of a pleasant work environment, in which employees could work in good spirits.

What is an "Enterprise that promotes the creation of workplaces for regular employees"?
We have proactively applied for getting registered as an "Enterprise that promotes the creation of workplaces for regular employees" in Nara Prefecture. Having been introduced to the operation of such a company, we have started a project that aims the creation of pleasant workplaces. We are making it possible to work in parallel with raising up a child, nursing a family member, men and women can work side by side, employees can live a harmonious lives. Furthermore, we are having enough flexibility for expanding continuous long term employment and reemployment, for increasing the employment rate of female employees, regional recruiting in correspondence with the actual state of our prefecture, expanding the number of regular employees, engaging in the improvement, maintenance of work conditions. We have been recognized for our efforts, and have been added to the list of such companies on the homepage of this movement and on other mediums.
<In the 2011/07 issue of the Nara Work Newsletter, a part of what is displayed on the homepage of Nara Prefecture got published>

We, Event21 are pursuing the goal of becoming more and more happy company, so that we could swell the number of our increasingly happy employees, who will help us to spread this accumulated happiness all over the world, the society, our customers so that this happiness could be transmitted to everyone.

The mark of the enterprises that promote the creation of workplaces for regular employees


For a society that cares for, protects animals like dogs and cats. Supporting an animal shelter.

Do you happen to know how many stray pets are killed every day?

Please be aware of the present situation of stray pets.
Even if we count only the dogs and cats, 585 pets are killed every single day.
Only in 2010 there were 53,473 dogs and 160,134 cats = 213,607 pets killed altogether. Divide this sum with 365 days; you get the above mentioned number.
(The above mentioned data is from a survey made in the Japanese animal administration, issued by the Non-profit Organization ALIVE in 2010)

Animal euthanasia is not an easy way to die at all.
Euthanasia by gas chambers is especially cruel, causing a lot of suffering. There said to be some poor animals that don't die of the gas and thus incinerated alive in the chamber.
As a first step, we would like to reduce the number of animals that need to be slaughtered a day from 585 to 584.

At the moment, there are 3300 people visiting Event21's websites every single day from Japan and from around the world. It's a wonderful thing. There may be some visitors who find this article. It may move something inside them and there may be some people, who will take some kind of an action to change the above mentioned cruel reality. If the number of visitors accessing our websites would increase to ten times the present number, then the number of people who would read this article and take action would also increase to 10 times. The one step to a different future would grow to 10 steps; change for the better would come close in a faster pace.

The bigger Event21 could become, the louder we can amplify the voice of the people protecting the animals. We strongly believe that the reason why we need to do our work the best we can every day is to become more influential to be able to make a difference, a huge one.

In Toyonogunnose town in Osaka Prefecture there is an animal shelter called happy house. A Non-profit organization called Japan Animal Trust (JAT) is operating this shelter. They are taking in animals that have nowhere to go, giving them care, medical treatment and looking for their new owners. About 600 pets are sheltered here. There were pets that arrived here from the disaster stricken Tohoku region even in August 2012.

Hereby we are also looking for warm-hearted owners for these little pets!!!
Would you consider making a sweet little one from this animal shelter family? Please come to meet them once. Many cute pets are waiting for you to reach out for them, waiting with hope.

If you can't became an owner of a puppy or kitty, but you would like to help, then here is what you can do:
At this very moment there are many things lacking at the animal shelter besides the canned food that's always not enough. Please click on the link below and see if you could provide anything they need.

Dear all, we are counting on your support.

We, Event21 are periodically visiting the animal shelter, donating pet food, getting in touch with the pets, we learn about their circumstances and we are making sure that through various media, though our events as many people will be aware of their situation as possible. Doing this, we are hoping to save many lives and create a society where men and pet could happily live together.

Pet Picture1Pet Picture2Pet Picture3Pet Picture4Pet Picture5

Have you ever heard about the music festival where all the dog and cat lover artist get together to campaign for zero animal euthanasia? Here it is:

This event has multiple goals: to find owners for the pets that have lost their home, to reduce the number of pets that need to be killed to zero, to entertain people with music that will sound vaguely familiar, to introduce the heroes who are protecting the lives of many-many pets and their organization and to get support from even those people who can't adopt pets from the shelter.

Furthermore, this music event was launched with the thought that it could serve as a meeting place for future owners and pets. While listening to the performance of the dog and cat lover artists, which was a little different from the usual, future owners, present owners, people who are interested in pets but can't became owners, people who have the slightest interest in pets could all bring their family, friends, meet in one place and get in touch with the pets.

The first festa was held in 23/9/2012 in the Open Air Concert Hall at Hattoriryokuchi, Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture with the aim to hold this festival every consecutive year.

Wishing the day when all the animals could live a peaceful life could come even 1 second closer to reality...

HAPPY MUSIC FESTA executive committee member

Translated from the "Purpose of the event" site on the official homepage of the event

Event21 is supporting the HAPPI MUSIC FESTA and has the same wish of creating
a society where there's no need to carry out animal euthanasia any more.

  Supporting ground school children learning the joy of social service. They are the very creators of our future.

Local Bento Business Local Bento Business - Commemoration Picture Local Bento Business - In the classroom
Local Bento Business - In the middle of cooking Local Bento Business - Illustration Local Bento Business - Impressions

A group of ground school children have created a project for selling bento lunches in their neighborhood. They have created the whole mechanism which is needed to make the bentos sell: decided their target group, done the necessary marketing, found out what their customers would need the most, made it for them, set the price, made their own business cards and done the sales themselves.

In order to be able to do all that, they needed to know their local area well, they needed to walk the neighborhood and do various researches. While doing that they have found many wonderful things about their hometown and they got to love the place they've been born more than ever. Together with adults they have learned a lot about how things work in the world by doing the sales works together. They've understood the joy of being useful for the society on their very own experience for the first time.

Although in the business world career support and workforce training is such an important activity that it seems trivial, in fact there are still things that are simply too late to be taught to an adult. The awareness of the importance of social contribution, the sense of values and work attitude are all things that may be too difficult to change as an adult.

I think that learning to love one's own hometown, the way how society works, having a chance to experience the joy of social service at such an early stage as a ground school student is immensely meaningful.

Children of the present are the ones who will make the future. We, adults have the responsibility of protecting the children, teaching them the joy of life and creating an environment that extends their possibilities. Event21 has become a sponsor of their project in order to extend their possibilities.
The project is called "Yamanobe no Michi Bento Sales Project 2012"

Supported organization:COLOR

The company policy of Event21 is

If we, small and medium enterprises could engage in economic activities by making continuous efforts, then we may be able to create great happiness in this world.

Contribution to society is the mission of any company. It is the only meaning of our existence.
We are constantly improving our service so that we can make the world more convenient. By employing more and more people, by paying the taxes, we are contributing to the revitalization of our regional community. Moreover, we hold a helping hand to those in trouble.
Under the foundational principle of [you happy, we happy!] which literally means that "if you are happy, then we are happy too", we are doing our best every single day to serve the society.

Although our each step may seem to be incredibly small, by changing this world now only by 1mm, the future could change significantly.
Now, our efforts may be a very-very small, but we keep pursuing financial results, so that we will be able to contribute to the society on much larger scale.

We are shipping masu cups to customers both in Japan and worldwide!

The Masu selling company is shipping masu cups to customers both in Japan and worldwide. Recently we are getting more and more orders from not just individuals, but organizations, Japanese restaurants, international companies making a business opening ceremony Japanese style by opening a barrel of sake and drinking its contents from masu cups. An excellent way of drinking Japanese sake is to do it from a freshly made masu cup. That may be the reason why Japanese people cherish a rather intimate connection with these small wooden boxes from the old times. We would like to share the best parts of traditional Japanese culture with as much people around the globe as possible.

Masu pictureMasu image